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To those affected, their doctors and carers
To institutions To the media Zürich, 3rd Dezember 2007 AIDS, an autoimmune Reaction:
The Role of Heavy Metals and Other Environmental Toxins
Dear Sir / Madam In the 1980s and again recently a few studies (annex A) have demonstrated that
AIDS is characterized by a continuing autoimmune reaction by which antibodies
are produced against cell wall and cyroskeletonproteins whereby the body's own
structures are attacked (amongst others also T4 helper cells). In addition more than
400 studies show the incidence of the most renowned autoimmune disease, lupus
erythematosus, in HIV test-positives. In various articles in the mid 1990s Alfred Hässig, Heinrich Kremer et al (annex B)
disclosed that the antibodies which are measured in HIV antibody tests were in fact
against cell wall and cytoskeleton proteins (namely gp41, gp120 and
gp160) that develop in continuing autoimmune reactions. At the same time they
demonstrated that these autoimmune reactions could be traces back to a permanent
switch in the mediators of T4 helper cells from a Th1 profile (IL-2, IL-12 and
TFNg) that activate cellular immunity to a Th2 profile (IL-4, IL-6 and IL-10) which
activate antibody-mediated immunity. This occurs in continued inflammatory
reactions (via easily transmitted infections, repeated injuries and contaminated water),
malnutrition and contact with environmental toxins. Viruses, fungi and mycobacteria
present in cells can no longer be eliminated, when this Th1-Th2 switch persists.
Furthermore, they pointed out that autoimmune reactions and immune deficiencies
appeared, espacially when such stress factors occured in combination and they
showed that auto-antibodies and immune-complexes arising from such autoimmune
reactions can lead to long term inflammatory macrophage activation and via
transmission in the bloodstream can cause a permanent Th1-Th2 switch in immune
suppressed recipients and trigger thereby autoimmune reactions. New studies carried out in the last few years (annex C), now show that
environmental toxins like arsenic, reaching drinking water and foodstuffs through
herbicides, mercury, from dental fillings, and aluminium, used as carrier substance
for serums to induce, via a switch in T4 cells mediators, an intensified antibody
production cause just the type of autoimmune reaction which characterizes the
AIDS syndrome. These environmental toxins, just like auto-antibodies and immune
complexes, are transmitted from mother to foetus, which means that newly born
babies can also be intoxicated and also register a positive result in the so-called
HIV antibody test. Orthodox AIDS researchers continue to trace these autoimmune reactions back to
the laboratory phenomenon HIV that can only be demonstrated in miniscule amounts
in the people concerned and which up until now, according to the prevailing
rules, has not been proven to be a transmittable virus capable of propagation. This
means that after more than 20 years, HIV research can only be seen as a tautological
self-affirmation in a laboratory with virtual parameters that have nothing to do with
the real causes of the desease or its mechanisms. All values measured in AIDS
patients are nothing but indirect markers of an ongoing autoimmune reaction at
which normally silent parts of the genome are activated. (annex D) The horror story of a sexually transmitted retrovirus, which automatically leads
to the lethal course of the well-known infectious desease defining the AIDS
syndrome, can to this day not be cept alive without the homophobic and racist
schema of promiscuous gays or licentious blacks that transmit the virus. This
successfully continues to suppress the real causes of immune defiency, the
alarming contamination of the environment in developing and developed countries
and enables a billion dollar business with HIV tests and the anti-retroviral
combination therapy, HAART, which diminishes autoimmune reactions and
impedes opportunistic infections for a limited period but even after only a short
time of treatment promotes new autoimmune reactions and causes irreversible
damage to the organism. (annex E) The detoxification of heavy metals and other environmental toxins has until
today not become a topic for AIDS medicine that completely concentrates
on the elimination of the so-called HI viruses through cell toxins, protease-
and fusion inhibitors. We continue to hope that within the paradigm shift in medicine now taking
place there will also be a re-thinking about AIDS. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the
above mentioned contexts. You can find our treatment recommendations
and further background material under: Felix A. de Fries
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